Our Story

At Doctor Bird’s Jamaican Patty Shack we believe that people are better together

Dr. Bird's Jamaican Patty ShackThe Doctor Bird (red-billed streamer tail) is a species of hummingbird that resides solely in Jamaica and is the country’s national bird. The Doctor Bird has been immortalized in Jamaican folklore; glorified for its iridescent colors and distinctive scissor tail. Like the vibrant colors that coat the Doctor Bird; Jamaica is home to a diverse group. The national motto: “out of many, one people” highlights and embraces Jamaica’s diversity which is the source of the country’s distinct and rich culture. Jamaica’s diversity and unity provide its strength.

At Doctor Bird’s Jamaican Patty Shack we believe that people are better together; expanding and applying Jamaica’s national motto globally. Our goal is to bring people together through food; blending flavors and concepts across the globe while adding the Jamaican flare. Our belief is that there is a place for everyone at the table.

The original Doctor Bird’s was established in 1981 in the inner city of Buffalo, NY. Doctor Bird’s started as a Caribbean grocery/corner store. In the early stages of business, it was difficult to garner widespread community support due to lack of familiarity with Caribbean food. The decision was made to begin selling Jamaican patties shortly after opening due to the early troubles.  

The introduction of the Jamaican patty provided commonality between the business and community. The patty is present in various cultures and forms across the globe. This commonality enabled Doctor Bird’s to integrate within the community; which allowed the introduction of other aspects of Caribbean food and culture within the community.

Doctor Bird’s became a confluence of people from across the city where visitors were liable to run into anyone from the mayor; professors; artists; athletes; students; to the local street entrepreneur. Doctor Bird’s Patty Shack is here to build on that vibe of bringing people together. The sons of the original Doctor Bird’s are carrying on this tradition of spreading love and unity through food.